Here's all the nitty gritty details you need to know about ordering from and interacting with Cruiser Trash Parts. If you have any questions, before or after you make a purchase, please use the "Contact" form on the site to get in touch with me and I'll respond quickly.


How can I contact you?

Please use the contact form on the website for all questions, comments, concerns, returns, and inquiries. For expedited shipping requests feel free to use the website contact form, Instagram or the Mud forum.


When will my order ship? Can you expedite shipping?

I'm a one man shop and I ship orders 2-3 days per week as I find the time. Generally I can't expedite shipping, but if you have a serious need (you're a shop that needs parts to meet a customer deadline for example) please contact me through the website, Instagram, or the Mud forum and I'll see what I can do! Please give me enough lead time to make the magic happen.


Amazon can get me a product the next day with free shipping for $4.37, why can't you do that?

I'm not Amazon. I am one person who doesn't have Amazon's infrastructure of warehouses and delivery vehicles. I don't benefit from their economy of scale. I'm also producing parts with a heavy emphasis on quality - build quality, materials quality, etc. I like to think the quality of my parts is higher than the low-cost stuff you can generally find on Amazon. Your Land Cruiser is slow anyway, take that patience and apply it to the rest of your life, like when you're ordering parts.


Can you customize a product for me?

Generally the answer is no, but occasionally I have the time. Please contact me to discuss your goals. There is typically a fee above and beyond the cost of the product for my time spent designing your customized solution.


Can I return an item I bought?

Yes, you can return items within 45 days of your purchase. Here's the catch: the item must be in new condition. I cannot take returns on parts that are dirty, damaged, blemished, used, or previously installed because I cannot resell them - they're as good as trash at that point. I will refund the purchase price of the product (but not shipping) less a 15% restocking fee. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Please contact me directly for all returns.


Why charge a core fee for the LED-modified flasher modules?

In order to sell the modules, I need original ones. If you return yours to me, I refund the core fee. If you don't return your module the core fee enables me to buy another one to modify. Without the core fee, the modified flasher module program would die. I also can't be waiting for the core forever - the deadline is 30 days to get it back into my hands.


I read on a forum that you can modify the flasher yourself by cutting a resistor out. Why do you charge so much for that?

Cutting the resistor out works - but probably not for long. It puts extra current through one of the unobtainable transistors in the circuit, enough current to approach it's threshold which could kill it. Since you can't find them anymore, you can go ahead and throw the flasher away. The modification I do is completely different and works within the architecture of the circuit design rather than against it. That took some R&D and lots of previous electronics training, and the modification & cleaning of each unit takes time, hence the cost.


Why do you need photos of my truck for the ABS cargo panels? I forgot to send photos and I'm waiting for you to ship my panels, why haven't you just sent them?

Between 1981 and 1990, the 60 Series cargo panels had at least six variations that I have found. We can exchange many, many emails describing the differences or you can send me a photo and I'll know exactly which variation to send you. A picture is worth 1000 words after all. I will not send panels without photos because they may end up being the wrong ones - then we get into shipping them back and me shipping new ones out, and it's a hassle for everyone. I like to communicate well and get it right the first time.


Can you make my panels out of a different material?

Sure I can. It will cost more than the price stated on the website however, since I have to buy an entire sheet of material just for your order. With ABS I can cram many panels onto a sheet for laser cutting so there is cost savings there that I pass on in the price. Generally with a different material you'll be on your own for fasteners. Try rivnuts, those are usually always the answer.


I tried contacting you but it's been a few days and you haven't responded, what gives?

Typically my response time is 1-2 days at the most. If the response time is longer it's because I'm either slammed making parts or out camping in the woods with no cell coverage. The latter is especially true from May - October.


I could just make one of your parts myself!

That's great! All of this started from DIY projects I undertook for myself and I support folks doing things themselves. Post some photos on social media or the forum so we can check out the good work you did. Remember, though, that undertaking a new project requires a lot of research, parts sourcing, tooling, and assembly on the front end. All of that costs money. DIY projects are front loaded with mistakes as well, it always goes easier if you do it a second time and a third and so on. And that takes time. The benefit I offer is that I've already done all the hard stuff that costs time and money and have streamlined the process for both myself, on the manufacturing side, and for you because you can just click a button and buy something.


I have an idea for a product, what should I do?

Contact me about it! I'd be happy to see if I can make your dream a reality.


Why do you do this stuff?

Because I daily drive a 60 Series Land Cruiser and I like projects. I also hate having free time.


I got one of your products and it was bad, I didn't like it at all. You also seem like a jerk. Your logo looks dumb. I don't like Land Cruisers. What do I do now?

That's great, I need that feedback. Please use the contact form on the website to let me know your thoughts.