J62 Deluxe Cargo Panels
J62 Deluxe Cargo Panels
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J62 Deluxe Cargo Panels

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We all know the Masonite rear cargo panels on 60 Series Land Cruisers don't last forever. These panels are made from 1/4" textured StarBoard material and are not only tough, but look sharp too. Available in brown (and soon gray) to match the interior of your 60 Series. Details have been added to these to mimic the embossing on the original panels, and the fastener heads are recessed. They are laser cut for a precise fit and include all necessary fasteners. They require removing your original cargo panels as well as the plastic inserts in the bodywork.

Please note: these do not have the access panel present on the driver's side of 1987-90 60 Series trucks, they require the removal of the jack holder on the driver's side (the jack fits nicely under the driver's seat), and they do not have any insulation on the back. These are easy for you to customize at home with a drill and jigsaw. Fits FJ62. Don't worry if stock shows zero - these are made to order and not always stocked on hand. So hit that "buy" button and give us 2-3 weeks.

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***When you make the purchase please leave a note with the month/year your truck was built (info located on the plaque on the driver's door jamb), any modifications like different seat belts or carpet on the wheel wells, etc, and email a photo of your passenger side panel to info@cruisertrashparts.com. The photo should be taken about 3-4' away and should show the front 1/3 of the panel where it meets the rear door opening. It's best to lay the seat back down so we can see everything we need to see. There are slight variations and we need an accurate build date and photos to make the proper panels - even when you select one of the options option we must confirm this. Your order will not process without sending us photos of your panels!

***Please allow 2 weeks for shipping as we continue to stock up on this brand new product!

***Customization is available starting at $50 for CAD work - please contact us for an exact price.