Koito Headlight Upgrade Kit - OEM Toyota, FJ40/55/60
Koito Headlight Upgrade Kit - OEM Toyota, FJ40/55/60
Koito Headlight Upgrade Kit - OEM Toyota, FJ40/55/60
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Koito Headlight Upgrade Kit - OEM Toyota, FJ40/55/60

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***Don't forget to check out the problem-solver HBIM to go with your Koito Headlight Upgrade kit!***

Upgrade to modern headlight output with this OEM Toyota kit. It contains everything you need to get rid of the dismal sealed beams that came as original equipment on 40, 55, and 60 Series trucks, and many other Toyotas with 7” round headlamps - and it's a Toyota product! Installation is simple and takes about half an hour. The glass Koito housings can accept any 9003/H4 bulb, meaning you can replace the bulb when it burns out instead of throwing away the entire housing. You can experiment with different bulbs too.

What’s in the kit?

2 Koito headlamp housings made of high quality glass

2 Halogen 9003/H4 headlight bulbs (already in the housings)

1 wiring harness with relays and fuses already assembled

1 set of instructions

1 Package of zip ties for the harness

1 Tube of dielectric grease

The only drawback to the kit is that the high beam indicator on the dash will no longer work for most trucks. That’s why I designed the HBIM (High Beam Indicator Module) - a 30-second solution to make the dash indicator work on FJ60s and a few other select vehicles.

It’s been said that this kit is the best bang-for-your-buck upgrade for old Toyotas. It’s definitely the first modification I do when I buy an old Land Cruiser. Visibility at night is important, and let’s face it - as these trucks age the combination of corroded wiring and sealed beam headlamps can be so dim they're downright dangerous. In addition to better lighting output these halogen bulbs will readily melt ice and snow, so they are safe to use in cold climates.